“I’m only a human” should be used as

an opportunity, not an excuse

Seeking to be impactful not famous! Not categorized but distinguished. Property Investor, Motivational Speaker, Musician, Ministry leader, Entrepreneur

Since the age of four, Akenaton Rubens II Pierre who goes by the stage name AkenRPierre, gave birth to a vision to impact the world. “Phenomenal”, a term he likes to say, defines the journey he’s been on and the energy he brings to every room. Entrepreneur, speaker, and musician, AkenRPierre is as unique as they come. AkenRPierre launched his first business venture right out of high-school, with little to no financing. He strongly believes perception is the key to growth. His persistency to succeed led him to manage a business with over a dozen employees and currently today manages a boutique consultation firm, performs as a pianist and violist, leads a fervent young adult ministry at his local church, and has spoken on many platforms as a key note motivational-inspirational speaker. AkenRPierre is impactful, distinguished and continues to encourage, inspire, and speak life to everyone he encounters. His tenacity to be the best version of himself while remaining humble has promulgated great opportunities in his careers. As a pro advocate for education, after earning his Bachelor’s in business, music, political science, and obtaining many professional licenses, AkenRPierre attacks yet another milestone off his list and pursues his J.D in law. Despite the many ventures, titles, and accomplishments his vision remains unshaken, “a vision to impact the world”.